Multichannel Retail Consulting

We mobilise companies that want to set themselves apart from the established market, conceive innovative, attention-grabbing brand appearances and product presentations & special brand events as well as temporary brand (re)presentations, on- and offline, stationary and virtual.

With brand events and acts that appeal to all the senses, from shop entertainment to pop-up stores, we conceive enthusiasm factors for your (potential) customers (B2B, B2C), promote community building and support you in creating love brands.

We think in an interdisciplinary and cross-channel way, designing emotional touchpoints along the entire customer journey, i.e. wherever brands, products and target groups meet.

  • Brand analysis, brand sharpening
  • Brand management and marketing management (also interim)
  • Conception of multichannel strategies
  • "Corporate identity touchpoints.
  • Conception of temporary brand appearances (roadshows, press events, community events).
  • Retail and Brand analyses
  • strategic assortment (re)planning
  • Shoptainment - events and professional live shopping
  • Retail media, social media and content
  • Visual merchandising
  • Instore communication, digital media
  • Shop- and brand events, B2B congresses and conferences, special in-house fairs, stationary and virtual
  • Roadshows & PopUp – Stores/Events
  • StoresBrand cooperation partner scouting and matchmaking

Example references:

Marketing Consulting for Industry & Trade
  • Advising stationary retailers and companies who sell via these (if necessary and if required, in cooperation with the institute for retail research Cologne [Institut für Handelsforschung Köln] – IfH or the German Retail Association, etc.)
  • Brand management and improvement, from brand (re)presentation to personal appearance of the “brand ambassadors” (= sales team) at the POS
  • Analysis, conception and also operative implementation (selection & provision of service providers from the area of art direction, location selection, (interior) architecture, right up to shop fitting and display window labelling & digital advice)
  • Building on the competence of the retailers by professional trainers & coaches
  • Development of market placement strategies

In the course of this, also retail – congresses, lectures

  • Conception and implementation of congresses with specialists, best practice advisors and service providers who address key topics innovatively and comprehensibly for manufacturers selling their branded products via retail, and for stationary retailers themselves

Example reference: „FutureTrade“ Convention


Pop‐up stores & special brand events, temporary “3D” brand (re)presentations

Focus Cologne & Milan

We mobilise companies who want to break away from entrenched market activities, and design innovative, attention‐grabbing brand and product presentations. With brand events and acts that appeal to all the senses, and pop‐up stores, we inspire your (potential) customers (B2B, B2C) and make them into valuable brand ambassadors. We think in an interdisciplinary and inter-sector way, and design emotional meeting places and worlds, where brands, products and target groups meet.

  • Conception of shop events, trade fairs, congresses, conferences, employee “corporate identity” impulses
  • Conception of temporary brand images (image appearances, roadshows, press events, e.g. PASSAGEN); focus Cologne / Milan (main interiors trade fair locations) for social and sensory brand interaction with the target group
  • Arranging the use of (temporary) rooms and spaces
  • New incentives due to good temporary usage concepts
  • Site & property upgrade via creative / visionary temporary use of high quality brands
  • Resources with regard to use instead of ownership
  • Retail analyses and (re)planning of ranges
  • Visual merchandising
  • Display window campaigns and special window design
  • Instore design & installations
  • Location scouting and organisation
  • Brand cooperation partner scouting and consolidation
  • Roadshows & pop‐up stores

Example reference:


Trend Consulting & Embedding

Investing in brand development and expansion helps companies to position themselves better and more precisely in the target market, to be perceived more strongly there and to significantly increase their sales. Trends play an important role in brand development. For the right positioning and strategic orientation, it is necessary to record the relevant trends and future forecasts and to check which ones fit the brand character, which ones have the corresponding radiance to contribute to the success of the company and which ones could change or even jeopardize the business model. Whether in marketing, product development or in the area of human resources (keyword "employer branding"), the consideration and use of current developments is decisive for success and therefore indispensable.

philla BrandXitement offers yoou
  • Trend Consulting and Embedding
  • Trend scouting and reporting (in the field of mega- and macrotrends of marketing to design).
  • Preparation of individual, brand specific and trend analyses.
  • Trend lectures and seminars for companies and institutions, and for (In-house) trade fairs, conferences, events
  • Consulting for manufacturing or trading companies from the interior and lifestyle sector regarding marketing and product development (exclusive in-house reports/seminars/workshops, instead of expensive visits to trade fairs and employee resources).
  • Trend books/folders Creation for trade fairs and production/consulting companies (e.g. for furniture/material manufacturers as well as advertising and marketing agencies).

Example references:


Property staging (online & offline)

philla designs sales promotions for property companies, using permanent or temporary high quality “template” equipment and furnishings. Also combined with product placement for manufacturers and brands who would like to present to a certain target group in this way.

  • Additional advantage: cooperation with publishers > e.g. creation of photos of the furnished locations for publications (including evidence of manufacturer); for property magazines, exposés, living magazines, etc.
  • Offering packages with various contents (with or without advertising materials, etc.) in the form of a menu of “style inspirations” right up to absolutely individual creations; completed in cooperation with interested manufacturers
  • Fixed price per m², and daily flat rates (according to “menu” selection)


Interior photo productions / location scouting

philla ensures the professional and authentic utilisation of studios and real locations, for e.g. online and print publications (for living, lifestyle, architecture and property magazines and exposés) and high quality lifestyle photography and publications for interiors manufacturers, even in cooperation with other brands and / or media as well as joint ventures – for the purpose of content generation, upgrading property and sales promotion.

  • Location scouting and building
  • Visualised visions and extraordinary photo installations of design trends and products
  • Acquisition of cooperation partners and media
  • Production of image & text
  • Supplier of offline and online living publishers (G+J, Burda, Bauer, JaLag, CondeNast, etc. / international), blogs, social media agencies

Example reference: “Making-of“


Interior design & art consulting

Curation of private collections and provision of contemporary art

philla loves art. If you do not see art purely as a valuable investment but are touched and want to be touched by it, philla offers you direct access to a select circle of artists and studios, in a very personal way. Whether procurement, art consultation or support dealing with your own collection, whether with the aim of making your own collection accessible to a selected audience, or an increase in value with an exhibition and publicity, we assist and organise.

  • Provision of exhibition spaces
  • Organisation of the exhibition (from the invitation to the event itself)
  • Cataloguing the private collection
  • Catalogue publication from A to Z
  • Making contacts with museums and galleries and / or provision and use of temporary exhibition venues
  • Contact with interiors art consultants and buyers